Saturday, June 13, 2015


Yesterday Cherokee, Dr. Vamvakas and I enjoyed an early morning trip to the nearby damn that was recently built. It was beautiful to see it, but we also learned that there was great controversy behind its building as it provides more water to the tourist areas and takes away from the farmers who now need more water as they are growing agriculture like avocados.

we also found some poppies along the way:

Today we went to Knossos to tour the Minoan ruins. This was especially interesting as it seems like The Minoans invented everything that we know and love today. Maybe not everything, but they are credited for indoor plumbing, first toilet flush, air conditioning and mirrors. I really enjoyed touring this location despite the overpowering sun and lack of shade :/. After we went to another beautiful beach. I am fascinated by the fact that every beach we go to is just as beautiful as the last, and yet they are all different. Tomorrow we will get to go to Elafonissi and I am very excited for that because of the pink sand. 

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