Sunday, June 14, 2015


Everything about Alikianos is beautiful and lovely. A week ago I did not know this place existed and now it’s difficult to imagine leaving. After a cloudy and rainy start to the week, the weather improved tremendously just as classes began..of course. 

The women that cook for us and clean the campus are such genuinely kind people that truly care about our experience here and want us to love Crete as much as they do! It’s hard to believe that Greece is going through such economic turmoil and in the height of this massive Eurozone crisis because the spirit of the locals is not broken and they seem cautiously optimistic and bright while Alikianos remains aesthetically untarnished and its people good-natured and kind.

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  1. After meeting some of the locals at Dr. Vamvakas cookout I get the feeling that the people have this faith that Greece will live and thrive regardless of this month upcoming decisions.