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Weaving An Old Tradition Into a New Frontier

Weaving An Old Tradition Into a New Frontier

Day 14 June 19th

       At the Penelope Gandhi Mission the volunteers are trying to bring back the Cretan dying art of loom weaving. Here they have invested in their own stock lie of silk worms to produce their own silk threads. Every worm cocoons themselves into a silk thread which is then baked, and soaked in water to loosen the silk three in one whole piece.

       Additionally, they only loom what was used historically in Crete; wool, flax thread, and silk. Moreover, they only use natural dyes from flowers, minerals, and the like to create their colours like their ancestors.
       Furthermore, they have searched the region in peoples attics and basements to restore any old loom and ancestor may have left behind.

The volunteers go above and beyond teaching young Cretans who are interested in learning the craft by investing their time. The volunteers also are creating an array of various pieces for show and for sale to support their cause. There was wool blankets, wool bags, historical style silk tunics, and traditional Greek dancer dresses made of silk, traditional Greek dancer trousers and boleros also made from silk.

       The Penelope Gandhi Mission is a representation of Crete working hard to bring back an deep piece of their history not only for the enrichment value, but, for economic value. Crete needs to find a way to have every assets available to them. The pieces the volunteers have made are available at several stands throughout the island. Unfortunately, most have a "Made in China"tag sewn in it. This is Crete's way of taking back their traditions and re-earthing their roots in order to grow stronger in their culture and heritage. (

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