Friday, June 19, 2015

Being here for two weeks now has changed my perception about life in various aspects. What I have observed is that most people here do not stress over issues or at least do not show it, as a lot of us do back in the United States. To go more in depth with that I think they have a more positive outlook on life and a mindset to keep pushing forward. They appear to not care about the little issues that come up in everyday life, but try to make the best of the days that they have. This optimistic view on life and dealing with issues on a personal level shows me and I hope others as well, that happiness can be achieved if we see the beauty in our lives each and everyday. The saying "stop and smell the roses" had always been used throughout my life, but up until this point I did not know what it truly meant. To me it means to reflect on the beauty in your life and stop and think of what makes you happy. It also means to me that stopping and truly listening to others can be another form of an important education. When I go back to the states I want to incorporate this into my life and remind myself of the beauty that the people that I encountered on my journey here in Crete have within their mindset.

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