Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 19, 2015

 Last week we took a tour of "Penelope Gandhi" which is a nonprofit organization. Penelope Gandhi is a volunteer based cooperative for women. The organization aims to "revive the sacred art of weaving on Crete". We were first introduced to the silk worms. It was amazing to learn and hear all about the process in which silk is created. 

The rugs, clothes, and other items the women at Penelope Gandhi create are so unique, creative, and meaningful, putting my appreciation for this art into words is really hard. After we learned about the organization we sat down and spoke more personally about the weaving and more. Skoulas said, "this is a postcard you can take with you, but it will be inside of you". He was referring to the hospitality offered to us not only there, but everywhere we go in Crete. A woman took the time to make us a fresh traditional pastry and snack during our tour, which is so rare for my experience. 

Back home everyone is constantly in a rush to figure out what's next, myself including, we forget to enjoy each other's company and talents. The professor then told us another story about how a man was walking through a village in Crete and he needed a place to stay so he knocked on a priest's door. The Priest offered the man a place to stay and a meal. The next day the man found out the priest's son has died and there had been women weeping over his body - yet the priest still had let gave him food and a place to stay. I really took all of the stories and thoughts in while reflecting on my own life.  I and everyone should be in the business of generosity and not just doing things when it's convenient for us.  I've struggled a lot this week with education vs. knowledge. I think I'm coming to terms that with education comes knowledge. I'm finally starting to understand and accept the (life) long process of learning.

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