Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This blog post I am dedicating to the interaction I have had with several people ranging from young to old and male to female. The one that struck me the most and opened my eyes the most was when I was talking to a young man a few years older than most of us that even the youth/younger generations see the loss of the traditional cultural values within Greece. He felt with losing this traditional aspect of his culture would mean a loss of identity for him. However, he said personally his family, with all the economic stress and unemployment, has continued to keep traditions alive and hold each other together; however, he said that doesn’t mean other families will be as fortunate. He was originally from Athens and said in Athens he sees families split because of the high unemployment rate and trying to find a job anywhere they can. This was eye-opening to me and gave me an inside perspective from someone my age and made me realize how personal and widespread this issue is instead of just reading it from the New York Times. This conversation was even more eye opening because it was a more personal conversation and an inside perspective instead of having it said in lecture.

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