Sunday, June 7, 2015

The 2015 EC Eastern Mediterranean Security Studies Program is officially underway in Alikianos, Chania, Crete. Although the skies in Chania have been uncharacteristically cloudy and ominous, this promises to be another intense and fun three-weeks. Through this forum the participants will be able to share their experience first hand with each other and with a wider audience, and in the process leave an immediate record of their experience. As we were gathering this weekend in unusually rainy Alikianos, Turkey has gone to important parliamentary elections and Greece did not make its scheduled payment to the International Monetary Fund, the leaders of the G7 were meeting in Germany as the global economic stability will certainly be effected by events in this region. On Sunday we were reminded of the historic importance of this island and of the region as we visited the WWII allied cemetery in strategically important Suda Bay and the German cemetery in equally significant Maleme airport. The sense of loss is palpable, and as Rachel said "such a beautiful spot, and yet so violent." In the next three weeks there will be two certainties in Crete, the skies will get brighter as they have for centuries in June, and the geopolitical significance will continue to be important. Enjoy the experience!

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  1. I'm sure that, despite the strange weather, it will be an amazing experience for all participants. Enjoy!