Sunday, June 21, 2015



Day 16 June 21st;

       Yota is a force that reckons with, and I have been seriously avoiding responsibility for my Greek education. I owe, you, Yota an apology for my avoiding and neglect so I am blogging that if she'll have me, I will be back in class. I am fearful of not having enough time to get all my political readings done, all the required blogging, and the paper accomplished. But, I owe it to myself, Yota, Dr. Vamvakas, and my fellow students. To be a fair and active participant in this program I will attend the Greek class from this day forth. I understand that learning the language has a very active role in understanding the culture of a country. I truly apologize for my lack of participation and any unruliness I have had previously around attending . It was out of fear and pressure of the reading expectations from the other courses and my less than swift reading abilities.

Most apologetically yours,


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  1. “The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end.”.

    I hope each of you will be able to experience this feeling of fulfillment at the end of this challenging trip.

    And of course, I am very happy to see you all at the lesson!!!