Monday, June 29, 2015

Night Together Watching The Sunset

On our last Tuesday together we watched the sunset at a beach called Blue. The lovely ladies that cook for us, Cleo, our bus driver, our Greek professor- Yahota, Professor Vamvakas, and all of the students from the program sat in a circle to enjoyed each others company and watch the scenery. 
Professor Yahota brought her precious daughter named Mariela. Even though Mariela and I couldn't really verbally communicate, I know she likes me. She had me push her on some swings in the restaurant. She also loved to sing 'Let It Go' with Katrina. She is so cute! 
Of course Mary captured the beauty of this EC EMSS outing on her trusty Ipad! 

While I captured these beauties on my Iphone. Check out Mary's's the real deal. 

I am overwhelmingly grateful for the people I have met on this trip. Sitting around laughing, talking, and eating with them, all while watching the breathtaking views, made me realize just how lucky I am. I am very thankful for the two EC EMSSP professors who have been truly the 'best' educators.

Thank you Professor Yahota for your passion for three hours of Greek each day but mostly your patience and understanding. Thank you Professor Vamvakas for furthering my understanding of the Mediterranean and international relations, for your wise advice, and for a trip I will never forget.

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