Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Today we were privileged enough to experience the beautiful act that is bread baking (and cheese pies, and bagels, and buns). Everything made was delicious and cooked to perfection. I have gained an appreciation for food that has exceeded above and beyond what I thought possible, and also for the ability to "pace" oneself. I was also able to put my knowledge of Greek to use today and asked a little boy his name at the bakery. The weather has been fantastic over the past 48 hours so we have been able to visit the beach twice. The beaches have been fantastic, the water is the clearest I have seen, and the sand is almost too soft. It is neat that the beaches are free here and I enjoy the ability to go to a new location (with umbrellas for shade) each day. We also had the privilege of taking our first map quiz today, which could have most certainly been more successful (oh well), but at least I learned something from it. In the classroom today we went over readings that I have encountered in previous classes such as Clash of Civilizations and The End of History, and it is always neat to expand my knowledge on the subjects. Every time the articles are reviewed I realize how I previously did not fully understand the content and I am able to learn something new, and connect pieces of knowledge together to form a bigger picture. I am excited for class tomorrow as we are going to the open market in the morning.

Manny really enjoyed himself at the beach today:

In memory of Baby Cat:

 Rather unsure of the design of this bread:


 Prepping the best bagels on earth:

 Cherokee enjoying her Cheese Pie:

 The best bagels on planet earth (final product):

 Seriously... who thought the best bagels on earth would be found in Greece?

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