Saturday, June 13, 2015

In today's New York Times, the editorial board argues that Greece, a Financial Zombie State is a real possibility. After a week of intense in class lecturing and discussions and out of class excursions within the 2015 EC EMSS Program, it is evident that what is going in Greece is a bit more complex than the NYT editorial board indicates. The situation in Greece is indicative not only of what ails Greece and its institutions, but indicative of the ailments of the European supranational construct post Maastrict. In the last week we have been able to experience and hear from the local community as well as study the big picture historically, geopolitically and globally. As we are ready to embark on the rest of our voyage, we went back in time to the Minoans so as to review and learn from the rise and folly of empire, which has been a testament of time in this region. One lesson that stands geopolitically is that navy and commerce creates wealth, but it's social constructs, justice and institutions that provide sustainability.

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  1. I really enjoyed this reading and this piece of history we were lucky enough to have a guided tour through. Thank you Dr. Vamvakas for arranging that for us to enjoy.