Sunday, June 14, 2015

All Fried Up:EC EMSS at the Potato Festival

We just got back from potato farming! Well...we got back from the beach too late so we didn't do any digging of the potatoes. We just ate them. ALOT of them. 

Katrina was extremely excited and ready to go get some potatoes! 

Since Prof. Vamvakas' bike only fit one, we walked. Check out that sunset! 

 We arrived late so we just checked out the farm and scenery. 

Michaela, Elijah and Mary love local potatoes!   

 We also got to try some carrots! 

Professor pealing some potatoes! 

First round of fries....

Mary spilt her coke...for the second time. 

Mary and Katrina conversing and singing Frozen songs...

We finally found out what Katrina's interesting fact is.

At least four plates of fries later...

So much food and drink....

Finally the walk back home, entertained by Katrina and Mary's rendition of "Let It Go" 

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