Monday, June 8, 2015


The beginning of our Cretan adventure has been both bright and exciting in every aspect. Meeting everyone and acclimating to our new environment has been a thrilling experience thus far. I have been shocked by the amount I have been able to learn in the past 48 hours. Between visiting the Venizelos’ graves, two additional gravesites, exploring Chania, and learning the different groups that have ruled here, I am starting to develop a sense of the history this island has to offer.  Even the small town of Alikianos is saturated with history and captivating stories from being the home of the oldest church to the brutal execution of residents during invasion. Not only this, but Crete’s location is significant to many, especially the U.S. Navy as every ship traveling from the West and going to the East has to refuel at this location. 

Walking around in Alikianos has been an adventure in itself, and it has the most beautiful views of the mountains:

The weather has also been a pleasant surprise, despite what Dr. Vamvakas wrote in his post, it never seems to rain here:

While exploring Chania we visited the top of the entryway into the old port, which had amazing views of the city:

The Venizelos' grave site was also home to another great view:

I am increasingly excited and anxious for the global events that will unfold in this area over the next month such as the turmoil Greece itself is experiencing, and to get to know everyone better... and to visit the beach. 

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