Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Market at Chania and Our Outdoor Lesson

OK, so long after I was supposed to put something up, we'll relive the open-air market of Chania while I work on something I had intended to put up even before that.

This is a rather long list of 'intended to dos,' so let's get started before it gets any longer.


The walls of Chania, the originals of which were completed by the Venetians just in time to get kicked off the island by the Ottomans.

As we learned today, much of these has been destroyed. Sometimes by bombing, sometimes...

Well. Buses.

Incidentally, a comment was made comparing the use of Hellenic columns  in this section of the wall to certain actions by ISIS. Maybe I'm too used to looking at buildings with classical columns to see it that way? Do we react differently to things presented to us by history textbooks than we do to similar things on the news?

Ok. Moving on; 

I didn't crush the snails, by the way. Just for the record.

You know, I like the cherries here a great deal, but when every other stall has these giant piles of cherries I have to wonder how they all get eaten.

Humming 'What's Opera, Doc' under my breath here.

And now for water pictures and harbor pictures. Because I enjoy those and this is my blog post so you all have to put up with my obsessions. 

Some street photos:

Some green spaces:

And us.

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