Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gorge-ous First Hiking Experience with EC EMSS

I am writing this blog post from my favorite beach yet. Come to think of it…I am not sure of the actual name of the beach... I just know it as the beach at the end of the long Samaria Gorge. And my salvation after the 6 hour hike.
 We all woke up at 6am to prepare and were on the bus by 7. It was about an hour bus ride to the beginning of the hiking trail so we started the hike around 8am. I had never been hiking before but I was excited about the new experience. Once I started the trail I also became pretty nervous—turns out, I’m scared of heights.
The first part of the hike was down a mountain…At first I thought ‘ah down hill will be easy’…then I found out that I was SO wrong. The height from the top is pretty terrifying. One simple trip means you are falling down the mountain and…well yeah. It was also frightening because the path was narrow and simply a path of rocks. I was so paranoid with every step. I went slow to be carful not to fall, which I manage to do anyway but luckily it wasn’t down the mountain. Okay—I am being a little dramatic. It was not that bad and the views were amazing. 

         Although I was petrified at some points, we all made it safely down the mountain. I got through the fear of heights that I didn't even know that I had. I felt accomplished. At the bottom of the mountain was this cool serenity rock thing… We added some other rocks to the well balanced piles...some were more successful then others! 

I felt successful for making it down alive and also ready to continue on. The terrain changed—thank god no more heights—at least for a little while.

After about two hours we reached about  what’s known as, the ‘doors.’ As you can see it is the narrow opening between two mountains. This is a picture of Elijah and I were ready to walk threw the 'door.'

 Great Anger!!! This sign we came across was

 alarming but also provided some comedic relief 

on the fourth hour of hiking. Everyone was hot 

and tired but we all kept moving. We took short 

breaks about every hour. 

My favorite part was walking along and over the stream of clear, blue refreshing water. 

 Professor Vamvakas spotted tagging! Go EC!
A picture from when we finally made it out six hours later! 

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