Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cretan Dance

The Cretan Dance

Day 14 June 19th

       I do not know what I was actually expecting. Honestly, I think I watch too many movies, because, I was thinking more of something out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding than the skilled dances I had the pleasure of seeing.
       The dancers were wearing the traditional costumes that were similar to the ones on display at the Penelope Gandhi Mission.

The men were wearing white shirts, blue boleros, black trousers that ballooned at the top, with tall black boots, and a hat that was tight to the head. The women were wearing white blouses, black silk boleros, long red skirts, white decorative aprons, and black heels.

Even though I did not feel comfortable participating in the act of dancing I did not miss out on this unbelievable cultural event. Watching my fellow students attempting what I can only assume takes years and hours of blood sweat and tears in talent and practice, was fantastic. Some of my fellow classmates really have a gift as far as being able to pick up on the routine.
       All in all seeing everyone literally getting into the show was yet another aspect of culture that I do not experience where I am from. I can appreciate the togetherness, the openness, and the vulnerability of the experience, whether I am use to it or not myself.

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