Thursday, June 11, 2015


Unfortunately we did not make it to the open market in Chania today as we missed the 8am bus. We held classes as we would any other day instead. The day got a bit more exciting after class when we took a trip to a local vineyard (Manousakis Vineyard) for a tour and wine tasting. At the vineyard, we began the tour with a history of how the vineyard came to be. Mr. Manousakis began the vineyard for pleasure and only after did it become a destination for wine tasting and producing bottles for sale. Our guide was originally from Boston, which made for an interesting connection. We were given 5 wines to taste and they were all delicious. I enjoyed being able to see the production process at the vineyard and taste the final product (we were also taught how to "professionally" taste wine.

After the wine tasting we visited a packaging center. At this location they package different agricultural products, everything from fruit to avocados to olive oil. We have been learning about the agriculture in this area, and how the production is currently shifting from an orange based market to include avocados as a major source of production. The men that worked at the factory said they would often receive about 15 cents per kilo of oranges and about 1 euro for each kilo of avocados. 

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