Monday, June 15, 2015

From Boston to Alikianos

A home away from home. That's how I now refer to this small village of Alikianos. 
I arrived here on June 5 and it was not exactly what I expected; but it turned out to be even better. Instead of staying at a university with traditional cafeteria food service, we all get to experience the real living situation for most people here in Chania. Our campus is very home like and the women working in the kitchen have great hospitably and treat us as if we were there own children. The supermarket, local coffee shop, and ATM are all walking distance. 

The views near our campus are amazing. There are so many mountains and since we are on a hill, we get a great view. However, the hill at times can be a struggle to get on top of.

Coming from Emmanuel in Boston and adjusting to Alikianos was a little challenging at first. Being exposed to a small village opposed to a big city made me realize just how calming and personal everything is in a smaller setting. Boston is a fast pace city while Alikianos is much more calmer and relaxing. Although I love the city, Alikianos has been treating me exceptionally well so far.

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