Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don't get too comfortable in your comfort zone.

This study abroad program really opened up my eyes. My expereince here, what I have learned, and the people I met will stay with me for a very long time. Thanks Prof. Vamvakas and everyone else who made this possible. I wouldn't have had my first abroad experience any different. I'm glad to have met and cross paths with all 10 participants. We all became close going through this experience together and I look forward to seeing most of you guys back on campus in the fall!
I was so hesitant about taking classes out of my major but I'm really glad I did. I learned a lot more about the world and the economy in a political platform. And living in Greece during this economic crisis was another experience within itself.
It never hurts to learn something new. I'm glad I took this chance outside of my comfort zone. I really surprised myself.

GROUP SELFIE! (we're missing Mary, Jessica, and Prof. Vamvakas though)

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